Emma’s First Field Trip

On Wednesday, October 27th, Emma got to go on her very first school field trip!  I found a sitter for Foster so that I could go on the field trip with Emma so we could enjoy some special time together. 

We went to the Southern Hills United Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch and it was a lot of fun.  We started by having story time in a tent with some of her classmates.  Then the kids got to go to the science center where they looked at the inside of huge pumpkin- Emma love touching the pumpkin and inspecting it with a magnifying glass.  Then she had a blast playing on the toys and hay bails with her good friend, Maggie.  Next the teachers had the kids sit down for prayer and snack time.  Lastly, the kids got to pick out to small pumpkins before leaving to head home.  It was such a fun morning and I was thankful to get to go!

We were the first ones to the pumpkin patch so I had Emma come hang out with me in the front seat for a few minutes while we waited.  You can see her “car tag” that I turned around so you can read her name. 


Story time…IMG_3297

Checking out the pumpkin with Maggie:IMG_3301


Pumpkin Ring Toss:IMG_3319


Maggie, Emma, and Ashlyn:IMG_3323

Climbin’ the hay bails:IMG_3331

Emma and Maggie on top of the hay bails:IMG_3342

Class Picture: I really got a kick out of watching the 4 teachers try to corral the kids and try to get them to stay still for a picture- bless their hearts for teaching our kids 3 days a week!  IMG_3349

Prayer and snack time:IMG_3356

Washing hands:IMG_3359

Eating apples:IMG_3385

Surveying the big pumpkins:IMG_3406

Picking out pumpkins- she was sad because she wanted to pick out more than 2!IMG_3410

She did NOT want to leave when it was time to go- can you tell?!IMG_3425

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