Family Weekend in Arlington

We spent this weekend in Arlington, TX for a fun weekend with Robin’s entire family.  It’s been several months since we have all gotten together at the same time and we needed to get these cousins together to play!  Robin’s dad and brother are both pastors so it is sometimes difficult to find a weekend that we can all get together.  Several months ago we nailed down October 3rd and 4th as our mini-reunion. :)

These pictures were taken before the whole crew arrived.  We spent Saturday at Pops and Gigi’s house watching OU beat TX (that was really fun to watch IN Texas) and hanging out with Tommy, Crystal and Zane. 

Sunday we went to church at Pops’ church and then hung out during the afternoon and waited for the rest of the crew to arrive.  Here are some silly pictures of Emma taken at Pops and Gigi’s house before church on Sunday.



We decided to let Emma try to sit with us during “big church.”  She did great!  She was so curious and watched everything that went on.  She loved seeing Pops on stage.  She sat between Robin and Gigi and worked quietly on her coloring book.  I was so proud of her.

Pops and Gigi’s church is on some beautiful land with lots of beautiful trees.  After the service I took Emma outside for a few quick pictures.  DPP_0005edit 

Here, I told her to pose for me.  I had no idea she really knew how to do this:DPP_0011


Emma and new friend, Macy, daughter of James Roberts.  This is the first time that Emma and Macy had ever met and they were instant friends.DPP_0014

I can’t leave Foster out… he stayed in the nursery during the service and the workers said he did great- especially when he got to hang out with his cousin Zane.  Here is Foster with Aunt Crystal after the service:



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