Our Little Super Model

Emma LOVES sunglasses.  I feel like I buy her a pair out of the $1 bin at Target just about every time I go (which is I realize is a problem I have and maybe I need to cut back!) 

We call these glasses her John Lennon glasses and they are her favorite pair right now.  Today in the sunroom I asked her if could take some pictures of her and she struck some poses.  HOW do little girls know how to pose at such a young age?!!

Here she is with her favorite stuffed animal right now: LambIMG_3050








I also want to document here that her absolute favorite pair of shoes is these $2 flip flops from Old Navy!  Of all the shoes she has that are safe and would stay on her feet, these are the shoes she wants to wear every day.  When the cold weather really hits I will have to put an end to the flip flops!


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