Our Version of…The Wizard of Oz

Saturday night we were invited to a fun costume party at some friends’ house.  The parents were told to dress up too.  I haven’t really dressed up for an event since college! Since my kids were going as Dorothy and the Tin Man we decided to go with the Wizard of Oz theme.  We searched and searched for Glinda the Good Witch costumes and Scarecrow costumes and in the end opted to throw things together from home. 

I wore my Senior Year Prom dress (which fit very differently than it did 13 years ago) and went as Glinda the Good Witch.  I used accessories from Emma’s dress-up box.  Robin went as the Scarecrow.  He wore his overalls that he used during his fraternity Pigskin performance and then we bought raffia to make it look like he had hay coming out of his sleeves and pant legs. 

Here is our version of Glinda, Dorothy, the Tin Man, and The Scarecrow.


Here are all of the accessories involved in dressing as The Wizard of Oz foursome: A straw hat, a magic wand, a tiara, rope, raffia, tin man hat, blue ribbon, ruby red slippers, and toto in a basket (not seen here.):IMG_3507edit



Stuffing the scarecrow:IMG_3542

Dorothy and The Scarecrow:IMG_3555



Poor Poor Foster… he will never forgive me for this!IMG_3580




Aubrey and Emma at the party:IMG_3654 

Foster and Jax on the stairs:IMG_3664

Jumping on the trampoline- look at that static hair:IMG_3672

All of the kiddos:IMG_3693


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