Pumpkin Patch… minus the pumpkins

When we first planned a Curry weekend for October I thought, “Oh good, we can take pictures of the kids in a pumpkin patch!”  I’ve had the adorable pictures running around in my mind ever since.  We researched a few nearby pumpkin patches and decided on one that was fairly close at a church. 

After a long and busy day at the zoo we came home and had naps.  After dinner, we headed to the pumpkin patch for a few pictures.  When we go the pumpkin patch there were a few hay bails and some signs but NO PUMPKINS.  Since the sun was going down and bedtime was nearing, we decided to go ahead and take pictures!



Foster and the scarecrow:IMG_2663edit

Fallon and Lylah:IMG_2670edit


Pops and Gigi with their 4 Grandkids: Foster (10 1/2 months), Lylah (almost 9 months), Emma (3 1/2 years), Zane (13 months)IMG_2700edit2


Pops, Emma, and Foster:IMG_2719edit 

Tommy, Crystal, and Zane:IMG_2737edit

Fallon and Emma (Emma requested that I take her picture with Aunt Fallon.):IMG_2743

Jill, Robin, Emma, and Foster:IMG_2751edit


I decided to take a wide shot of our photo shoot location because I thought it was so funny!  Here’s our pumpkin patch without pumpkins.  We’re thinking maybe they weren’t fully set up yet.  Who knows!  What a fun memory. 


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