Viewing Night at Ballet

Last Monday night was the first “Viewing night” at Emma’s ballet studio.  We always get to watch the girls dance through the windows but this time we actually got to go in the room for the last 30 minutes of class to watch.  Emma had quite a fan club!  The people who came to watch her were: Mommy, Daddy, Foster, Nana, Aunt Judy, and Uncle Brandon!! 

Unfortunately, Emma had been absent the two weeks before viewing night so there were several things that Emma had missed out on and she got kind of nervous towards the end of their presentation.  We just kept giving her big smiles and thumbs up.  She is such a beautiful little dancer and we look forward to many more viewing nights. 



Toe taps with her taps shoes: (she’s the one with black leotard and black skirt with hands on her hips- almost the far right.)IMG_2873


Heel-Toe, Heel-Toe, Heel-Toe:IMG_2910

This is pretty dark but I had to include this… Foster and Uncle Boom watching the dancers through the window.  Foster couldn’t stay in the room because he got a little bit excited when the girls danced and tried to sing to the music!


Nana and Emma:IMG_2918

Aunt Judy and Emma:IMG_2830


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