Emma in a basket with binoculars

I couldn’t think of another title for this post.  Emma is so funny.  The other day Robin walked into the living room and found Emma like this:


This basket is where we keep all of Foster’s toys in the living room.  Obviously, she had taken all of the toys out of the basket so that she could use it as a chair.  She was playing pretend- she told her daddy she was “taking pictures of the Christmas tree.” 



I love this girl.

“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…”


We spent the entire weekend after Thanksgiving decorating our house for Christmas.  Every year Emma gets more and more excited about the decorations and this year she was very into helping me decorate the Christmas tree.  She was insistent on putting certain ornaments in certain places.  She requested a step stool to stand on so she could place ornaments higher up on the tree then she asked daddy to put her on his shoulders to really get up high.  You’ll notice that she has 3 different outfits on in these pictures because it took us 2 whole days to get this done! 

***I’m also playing around with some new photo editing tools in these pictures so you might notice that some of them look a little bit different.***









Mommy is in charge of decorating the INSIDE of the house for Christmas and Daddy takes on the OUTSIDE.  I didn’t ask him to put lights up outside- he just decided that he wanted to.  We didn’t put lights up last year because we had a newborn at home and things were a little crazy. 

Here are some pictures of Emma helping Daddy put hang the outside lights. 





We had a wonderful, relaxing, Thanksgiving weekend.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see both sides of the family because I was scheduled in the NICU the day before and the day after Thanksgiving.  So… we stayed in Tulsa and had some great family time while Robin enjoyed several days at home.

On Thanksgiving Day we went to my mom’s house for her traditional yummy Thanksgiving dinner.  My Aunt Judy and my mom share the cooking and it always turns out wonderfully.  This was the very first year for us to celebrate a holiday in mom’s new house.  It was different, but good! 


Emma made this adorable “Indian Princess” headdress at school.  She LOVES wearing it.  She wore it to my mom’s house on Thanksgiving Day and it was a big hit. :)




Emma was the first to the dinner table- she was ready to eat!IMG_4310

Foster’s favorite part of the meal was the rolls.  Of all of the delicious choices, he wanted bread and more bread!  IMG_4287


After a yummy meal, we settled in to watch the Dallas Cowboys game.  Emma wore her snow hat in the house for the game.  IMG_4327edit 

We have so much to be thankful for and I thank God daily for our many blessings. 


Many of you already know about Shutterfly… I have used this site many times to share our pictures with friends and family across the miles.  Shutterfly is also a great place to order Christmas cards.  I have used them for the past 3 years.  I loved my Christmas card last year because I used a folded 5X7 design that I loved and I was able to do an actual “Christmas card” on the front and then Foster’s birth announcement on the inside- that may not have been proper etiquette but it worked for me! :)  When I look at this card tonight it made me realize how much has change in just one year!  Look how little Foster is.  Now we have celebrated his 1 year Birthday and is becoming a toddler.  Christmas cards are a wonderful keepsake.

If you are interested in ordering from Shuttefly, here is a link to their holiday cards.  I recommend Shutterfly- their quality, service, and speed are top notch.


Here is last year’s card:

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Family Pictures


We are incredibly lucky to have Kathy Krey as our good friend.  We have been friends with her since college and she’ll be stuck with us for a lifetime.  Kathy has a professional photography business in the Waco area and is amazingly talented. 

When we planned our trip to Waco for Baylor Homecoming I begged asked Kathy if she would have time to take pictures of our family and she said yes.  We took the pictures on a very WINDY morning… after the kids had waffles with syrup.  Emma’s mood during the photo shoot reflected that she had just eaten waffles with syrup- she was WILD!  It was so difficult to get her to sit still.   Kathy was so patient with our family.  She knew just what to do to get some great shots of Emma and Foster despite their enthusiasm for the photo shoot.  She also knew how to calm down their mommy. :)  Some of my favorite shots were taken after the photo shoot was officially “over” and the kids were just playing on the playground.  I love the pictures of Emma on the swing.

If you are in the Waco, Dallas, or Austin area, please check out www.kathykrey.com 

Kathy, we are so grateful to you for capturing our family at this special stage in our lives- craziness and all.  We love you!












Foster didn’t like the bucket…Oct10_4963-Edit

Picture of the Kreys and Currys:  Robin, Foster, Emma, Jill, Elliott, Kathy, Oliver, Conner


My baby is ONE year old!

IMG_4182edit I really can’t believe Foster James Curry is a year old today!  Sometimes it seems like yesterday that he was born. 

I can’t tell you how much I love this little boy- he brings so much joy to our lives. 

Tomorrow I will post my thoughts on this first year with Foster- what he’s like, what he means to me, etc.  Today, I’m just going to spend quality time with my Birthday boy.

Here are my very favorite pictures from the past year.

2 weeks old:image

1 month old:image

4 months old:IMG_7595

6 months old:IMG_9806

9 months old: IMG_1339edit

11 months old: IMG_3134edit 

12 months old:IMG_3896edit

Foster’s Dedication at Church

We Dedicated Foster to the Lord on Sunday, December 14th.  It was such a special event for our family!  Robin’s mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew were all able to travel to Tulsa for the weekend.  Robin’s dad performed the dedication and it was so special.  After the short dedication message, our entire family came on stage while Dan prayed.  It was so meaningful, so purposeful, exactly what a dedication should be!  We will always remember this very special event.  We pray that we always set a good example for Foster and that our primary goal in parenting him is that he grows to be a Man of God.




STBC 11-7-10 final-15edit


Foster’s 1st Birthday Party

imageWe had Foster’s 1st Birthday party and his Baby Dedication in the same weekend so that his family could be here for both.  It was a very fun, busy weekend!  We celebrated his Birthday on Saturday, November 13th at our house. 

I told Robin two months ago that I wouldn’t have a “theme” for the party- just a small little birthday party.  Then I found this 1st birthday rodeo theme on-line and the rest is history. :)  I just can’t help myself!

We had  Hobo Stew (also known as Taco Soup) with fritos and cheese and sandwiches in the shapes of stars.

Here are a few pictures from the party.   



Foster and Pops right before the party started:


Robin made an awesome 20 minute long slideshow for Foster’s 1st Birthday- it included many of our favorite pictures and videos from Foster’s first year.  So… after eating, we all sat and watched the videos.  Definitely brought tears to my eyes!

After the video we unwrapped presents.  That is always difficult with a one year old!  Basically, mommy opened the presents and he kept crawling away to say hi to his guests.  He got some great gifts and has been in heaven playing with them the past couple of days- FINALLY he doesn’t have to play with big sis’s toys!

IMG_4108  IMG_4113edit 

Cake time.  Foster’s cake was blue with a little red cowboy hat on it.  I bought him a smash cake and then made cupcakes for the guests.  He wasn’t very aggressive with his cake- just like Emma, he went about eating it very methodically! 





It was a great party.  Foster was in such a great mood and really seemed to enjoy the company and the gifts!  Thank you so much to our family for celebrating with us. 

Hooded Emma

Daddy was being silly and put Emma’s hood on her head.  She decided to leave it that way for a couple of hours… in the house… while eating dinner… until Mommy made her take it off to go to bed.  I love this sweet face.  Doesn’t she look slightly ornery?  She is!


My 32nd Birthday


I can’t believe I’m 32… that seems so OLD!   I had a great Birthday this year.  On Sunday, the day before my Birthday we went to my mom’s house for a nice chili dinner that she prepared.  It was yummy.  We celebrated both my Birthday and my Uncle Ron’s Birthday- our birthdays are exactly a week apart and we usually have a joint party.  I love that we share that bond.  My dad’s birthday is at the end of November and I used to love it that I shared a Birthday month with both my dad and his brother. 

My sweet Aunt Judy got the cake (pictured above) from Merritt’s…  It was just about the prettiest thing I’ve seen. 


Aunt Judy and Emma, two peas in a pod!  Don’t the kind of look alike here?


Nana and Foster: