Emma’s Halloween History

I realize it has been a couple of weeks since Halloween but I wanted to post a quick re-cap of Emma’s Halloween costumes of years’ past.  Emma loves looking at older pictures of her so we went through my files and found her past costumes.  Here’s a quick re-cap

Emma’s 1st Halloween, 2007, 10 months old,  Bumblebee:


Aubrey and Emma at Noah’s Ark 2007:

11th month 010

 Emma’s 2nd Halloween, 2008, almost 2 years old, Butterfly: 


Oliver, Elliott, and Emma.  We were in Waco for Homecoming:


Emma’s 3rd Halloween, 2009, Almost 3 years old, Kitty cat:


Emma and Aubrey:



Emma’s 4th Halloween, 2010, almost 4 years old, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz:


Aubrey and Emma:


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