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We are incredibly lucky to have Kathy Krey as our good friend.  We have been friends with her since college and she’ll be stuck with us for a lifetime.  Kathy has a professional photography business in the Waco area and is amazingly talented. 

When we planned our trip to Waco for Baylor Homecoming I begged asked Kathy if she would have time to take pictures of our family and she said yes.  We took the pictures on a very WINDY morning… after the kids had waffles with syrup.  Emma’s mood during the photo shoot reflected that she had just eaten waffles with syrup- she was WILD!  It was so difficult to get her to sit still.   Kathy was so patient with our family.  She knew just what to do to get some great shots of Emma and Foster despite their enthusiasm for the photo shoot.  She also knew how to calm down their mommy. :)  Some of my favorite shots were taken after the photo shoot was officially “over” and the kids were just playing on the playground.  I love the pictures of Emma on the swing.

If you are in the Waco, Dallas, or Austin area, please check out 

Kathy, we are so grateful to you for capturing our family at this special stage in our lives- craziness and all.  We love you!












Foster didn’t like the bucket…Oct10_4963-Edit

Picture of the Kreys and Currys:  Robin, Foster, Emma, Jill, Elliott, Kathy, Oliver, Conner


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