Foster’s 1st Birthday Party

imageWe had Foster’s 1st Birthday party and his Baby Dedication in the same weekend so that his family could be here for both.  It was a very fun, busy weekend!  We celebrated his Birthday on Saturday, November 13th at our house. 

I told Robin two months ago that I wouldn’t have a “theme” for the party- just a small little birthday party.  Then I found this 1st birthday rodeo theme on-line and the rest is history. :)  I just can’t help myself!

We had  Hobo Stew (also known as Taco Soup) with fritos and cheese and sandwiches in the shapes of stars.

Here are a few pictures from the party.   



Foster and Pops right before the party started:


Robin made an awesome 20 minute long slideshow for Foster’s 1st Birthday- it included many of our favorite pictures and videos from Foster’s first year.  So… after eating, we all sat and watched the videos.  Definitely brought tears to my eyes!

After the video we unwrapped presents.  That is always difficult with a one year old!  Basically, mommy opened the presents and he kept crawling away to say hi to his guests.  He got some great gifts and has been in heaven playing with them the past couple of days- FINALLY he doesn’t have to play with big sis’s toys!

IMG_4108  IMG_4113edit 

Cake time.  Foster’s cake was blue with a little red cowboy hat on it.  I bought him a smash cake and then made cupcakes for the guests.  He wasn’t very aggressive with his cake- just like Emma, he went about eating it very methodically! 





It was a great party.  Foster was in such a great mood and really seemed to enjoy the company and the gifts!  Thank you so much to our family for celebrating with us. 

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