“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…”


We spent the entire weekend after Thanksgiving decorating our house for Christmas.  Every year Emma gets more and more excited about the decorations and this year she was very into helping me decorate the Christmas tree.  She was insistent on putting certain ornaments in certain places.  She requested a step stool to stand on so she could place ornaments higher up on the tree then she asked daddy to put her on his shoulders to really get up high.  You’ll notice that she has 3 different outfits on in these pictures because it took us 2 whole days to get this done! 

***I’m also playing around with some new photo editing tools in these pictures so you might notice that some of them look a little bit different.***









Mommy is in charge of decorating the INSIDE of the house for Christmas and Daddy takes on the OUTSIDE.  I didn’t ask him to put lights up outside- he just decided that he wanted to.  We didn’t put lights up last year because we had a newborn at home and things were a little crazy. 

Here are some pictures of Emma helping Daddy put hang the outside lights. 




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