Many of you already know about Shutterfly… I have used this site many times to share our pictures with friends and family across the miles.  Shutterfly is also a great place to order Christmas cards.  I have used them for the past 3 years.  I loved my Christmas card last year because I used a folded 5X7 design that I loved and I was able to do an actual “Christmas card” on the front and then Foster’s birth announcement on the inside- that may not have been proper etiquette but it worked for me! :)  When I look at this card tonight it made me realize how much has change in just one year!  Look how little Foster is.  Now we have celebrated his 1 year Birthday and is becoming a toddler.  Christmas cards are a wonderful keepsake.

If you are interested in ordering from Shuttefly, here is a link to their holiday cards.  I recommend Shutterfly- their quality, service, and speed are top notch.

Here is last year’s card:

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