Barbies and Sweet Daddy Moments

What age do little girls start playing with Barbie dolls?  Apparently I’m in denial because Emma received 3 Barbies for her 4th Birthday and I’m just going to pretend that she’s still too young to have a Barbie.  However, that probably won’t stop her from playing with them. 

A funny note about Barbies- I NEVER owned one- not a single one.  I just wasn’t in to the normal things.  I liked digging for worms with my Dad, doing math flash cards, and playing “office.”  So, my stress level mounted as I opened the Barbie packages today.  I was thinking to myself- I don’t know how to teach Emma to play Barbies- what exactly do you DO with them???  I should have known- Emma needed no instruction on how to play with Barbies.  It was love at first site.




She and Daddy played Barbies for several minutes before bed.  They pretended that they were taking the Barbies to school- that one of them got sick while at school and they had to call her Mommy.  When Robin asked Emma what the Barbie’s name was so he could call her Mommy she said, “Her first name is Bar, her last name is Bee.”  Makes sense!

I captured these few sweet pictures of Emma and Daddy having a sweet conversation and hug before bed.




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