Christmas Dance “Recital”

Monday night, December 6th, Emma’s ballet/tap class presented their Christmas dance to the parents.  It was adorable.  They have been working on it for several weeks and all I can say is God bless their sweet teacher!  She is so patient, so kind, so good at what she does.  The recital was very laid back.  The teacher put an elf costume on each of the girls right before they performed- the girls had not seen the costumes before so they were pretty excited.  Emma’s hat was very big and kept falling down over her eyes but she kept right on performing.  Also… 10 minutes before the parents came in the room the girls were practicing and Emma tripped over her un-tied ballet laces and fell hard on her knee.   (I later realized that she tripped because the laces on her ballet shoes had come untied because Mommy forgot to double knot them- BAD Mommy!)  She bawled and came out to find me.  She was so upset.  Her knee was pretty red and had a swollen knot on it.  After a long hug from me and Daddy she wiped off her tears and went right back in to practice.  We were amazed!  Usually Emma gets very thrown off when things like this happen.  This was a huge step for her. 

She had SO much fun during her performance.  It gave me so much joy to see her having so much fun.  She loves to dance. 

Her fan club included: Myself, Daddy, Aunt Judy, Nana, and Foster.












The girls did their routine 3 times so that all of the parents could get plenty of pictures and videos.  Then the girls got to sit and have a little party with cookies and juice. 

IMG_4602  IMG_4603


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