Emma’s 4th Birthday Party


Emma turned 4 on Saturday, December 18th and we celebrated with a party at Bounce U!

She has been looking forward to this for weeks and weeks!  This is the first year we have really had a “friend party.”  She invited several friends from her new school, her old school, church, playgroup, etc.  If you are reading this and were not invited to the party, PLEASE forgive me!  It was very hard to narrow down the list.  Please know that we love each of you and cherish all of our friendships!

Here are some pictures from the day:

Kaycee and Emma were in the same class at South Tulsa Baptist Church ELP for 2 years and became instant friends their very first day of school.  Their teachers told us that they would pull their cribs close together and babble to each other when they were 20 months old (they were the only 2 that wouldn’t nap!) They aren’t at school together this year but as soon as they saw each other they immediately picked up where they left off.  Here they are surveying Emma’s gifts!IMG_4939




Adia and her Mommy, Kaycee and Emma watching the “Safety Video:”IMG_4966

Katelyn, Kinley, Emma, Kaycee, and Adia watching the video:IMG_4970

Kylan, Katelyn, Kinley, Emma, Kaycee, and Adia:IMG_4971

Emma bounced all the way UP the slide ladder, she never stopped!:IMG_4979

March of the 3 and 4 year olds:IMG_4986

Avery, Adelynn, Emma:IMG_5003

Mommy and Aunt Judy:IMG_5005edit

Adelynn and Emma:IMG_5007edit

There were a variety of bounce items at the party but Emma stayed on the slides in both rooms the entire time… she loves slides!IMG_4999

Aubrey and her Daddy at the Canon shooting game:IMG_5009

Robin, Kennedi, and Emma:IMG_5011edit

Love this!:IMG_5012edit

Robin, Emma, Adelynn, Chloe, and Aiden:IMG_5019edit 

Daddy and Emma (even though this is blurry, I love it!):IMG_5020edit

John and Jax:IMG_5023


Uncle Brandon and Foster:IMG_5031edit

Love this… Emily catching her Daddy on the slide!:IMG_5040

Pops is the coolest Grandpa ever… he went on the slide just for Emma.  The funny thing is that we kept telling Emma to wait for Pops at the top so she could go down the slide with him but she wouldn’t wait for him!IMG_5047edit



Emma and Kaycee:IMG_5052edit

“Hello Kitty” Birthday cake, Emma LOVES Hello Kitty:IMG_5057

The kids sitting down waiting patiently for pizza:IMG_5059



Pops feeding Foster pizza:IMG_5074

Emma drinking her Lemonade:IMG_5076

This was hilarious… WELL before we finished singing “Happy Birthday” Emma blew out her candles- she said she was afraid one of her friends would blow out her candles before she got a chance to!  She was making this face because we were all laughing at her!IMG_5078

Emma got so many wonderful gifts- here are some of the packages:IMG_5088

This is the “throne” that kids typically sit on to open gifts at Bounce U parties.  However, Emma was scared of this chair and thought the sign on the wall looked like a “monster.”  We had to ask the hostess to bring in a normal chair for Emma.  He said, “I’ve done about 100 parties here and I’ve never had a child refuse to sit in that chair.”  I told him he hadn’t met Emma yet! :)IMG_5135

Opening gifts:IMG_5083





She picked out a Lollipop from the Bounce U treasure box:IMG_5112

This cracked me up…. my lucky number is “27.”  Robin noticed this above the door in our party room.  Ironically, we had more than 27 people in the room.  There were probably 35-40 people including the siblings and adults!  So much for rules!IMG_5132

Emma and Mrs. Phipps.  Mrs. Phipps is one of Emma’s teachers at school and Emma is friends with her daughter, Adelynn.  It was so fun to have Mrs. Phipps at the party!IMG_5119

Emma had such a fun day and will remember her party for a long time. Thanks to all of our friends and family for making her Birthday so special!


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