Emma’s Birthday Celebration at School


Today we celebrated Emma’s 4th Birthday at her school.  Her actual Birthday isn’t until December 18th but her teachers know that next week is going to be very busy with Christmas activities so we decided to celebrate 1 week early.  Her school makes Birthday so special!  I just love their rituals and traditions.  Robin, Foster, and I got to go and enjoy the festivities.  Her teachers asked us to fill out a sheet where we described Emma at each of her milestone Birthdays: 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and now 4 years.  The teacher read this sheet as Emma walked around the “Sun” while holding the “Earth.”  She picked 2 of her favorite friends, Maggie and Adelynn to hold the Sun.    Here are some pictures from the special ritual. 

Emma and Mrs. Fondell:IMG_4622

Emma walking around the Sun, held by Adelynn and Maggie:IMG_4625


Her teachers also asked us to bring several baby pictures of Emma to share with the class.  Here, you see Mrs. Phipps showing Emma’s classmates her pictures. 



Next, Mrs. Fondell lit the candle on their Birthday Cake and they sang “Happy Birthday” to Emma.  I loved the 2nd verse- they sang “God Bless You Today….”  It was very sweet and the look on Emma’s face was priceless.




Blowing out her candle:IMG_4654

Emma’s pouty face… because the boy on the left tried to blow her candle out again after she had already done it.  Silly boys!IMG_4655

Next the Birthday child gets to pick 4 ways to celebrate their Birthday as a class (for instance, 4 claps, 4 leg pats, 4 jumps, etc.)  Emma whispered to Mrs. Fondell her 4 wishes. 


4 leg pats:IMG_4661

Next, Emma got to be the line leader to walk to the snack room.  It is so adorable how excited little children get about getting to be the FIRST one in line!  I remember those days!


For snack time we brought Holiday Fruit snacks from Target (Emma picked these out) and I also picked up some Sugar Cookies from Reasor’s.  



Being silly with friends, Maggie and Ashlin:IMG_4684



It was such a special day for Emma.  I got kind of teary-eyed as she walked around the Sun while Mrs. Fondell read her Biography!  She is growing up so fast.  When Robin and I were leaving we kept trying to get her to come say good-bye to us.  She was too busy playing to come say good-bye.  That’s how you know a child loves their school… and that’s how you know your child is growing up!  Sniff sniff. 

Looking forward to more Birthday Celebrations next week.

Oh, and here’s the supportive sibling during the Birthday Celebration.  This was nap time for Foster so he just chilled in his stroller and drooled! :)


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