Gingerbread Party


Today Emma and I went to the Preschool Gingerbread Party at our church.  Last year, my Aunt Judy took Emma to the party because Robin and I were at a rehearsal for our roles as Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus the following day.  I had so much fun with Emma at the party!  She loves crafts and she loves to be creative.  Today she did most of the house all by herself and I was very impressed.  We got to sit with some good friends and just have a good time hanging out, sneaking in a few bites of candy, and giggling together.  Here are some pictures:






Ok, now this REALLY blows me away… Here below are two pictures from last year’s Gingerbread Party.  One year later and Emma has grown up so much!!! Two things I notice in the pictures below:

1.  She looks like she’s still a toddler here and she could barely do any of the house herself.  Today, she did the entire thing by herself!  She is becoming so much more independent. 

2.  She’s wearing an almost identical outfit both years!  I LOVE these velour outfits from The Children’s Place.  Emma only likes to wear “comfy clothes.”  She does not like jeans or tight pants.  These outfits make us both happy- they are very cute and comfortable.  This year at the Just Between Friends Consignment sale I bought this outfit in 4 different colors!!!  Overboard, I know.  My good friend Terra was really cracking up at me.  You may notice in the last blog post she was wearing the pink version. :) SO, I will try to branch out every other day but you will probably be seeing a lot of “velour” on Emma this Winter!



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