School Program

On Wednesday, December 15th, Emma had her performance at school.  We were so impressed which how much that she had learned!  They sang several songs, talked about the Christmas story, and even sang a song in Spanish.  We have LOVED Emma’s school this year- she has learned so much and made some great friends… and she adores her teachers.

We didn’t get a ton of pictures from the program because Daddy was taking video AND taking pictures while Mommy literally chased Foster around the back of the room.  He was a MESS!

The whole group- Emma is on the left side of risers, 2nd row, 2nd from right:IMG_4899


After the program their were cookies and refreshments and several tables where we got to do some crafts with Emma:IMG_4911


Emma and Daddy eating some cookies:IMG_4923

Handsome little brother… who was a MESS (oh, did I already say that?) during the performance!:IMG_4936

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