Christmas Day

Christmas morning was so fun!  Aunt Judy and Uncle Brandon spent the night with us on Christmas Eve so that we could all be together.  Emma ended up in Judy’s bed in the middle of the night.  Emma slept in for the first time in a LONG time which was a good thing because we were able to wake up, make coffee and get set for the “Santa’s presents reveal!” Here are Foster and Emma right after waking up and coming into the living room to see their loot.


Emma got a dollhouse: (and notice our “Elf on the Shelf” on the left)IMG_5456

Foster got several gifts but this was his favorite, he LOVES balloons!IMG_5464 

After presents, we all went to get ready to head to Nana’s.

Aunt Judy gave Emma a lessen in “round-brushing” your hair.  Emma was fascinated!IMG_5479 

Next we headed to Nana’s to eat breakfast and open packages!

Here is Foster eating a sausage roll… or just the roll!IMG_5495


Foster’s Christmas outfit said “Ho, Ho, Ho” on the rear:IMG_5501

Eating a pumpkin muffin:IMG_5510


Emma was NOT happy about the Walnut that Nana put in her stocking!IMG_5517

Nana teaching Emma how to use a Nutcracker:IMG_5529

Daddy reading one of Foster’s new books to Emma and Foster:IMG_5535

Uncle Ron and Foster:IMG_5543

Judy opening her photo calendar from us:IMG_5647


Foster opening his basketball goal from Nana: (the older boys, Robin (33) and Brandon (38) had a great time making baskets in this basketball goal all Christmas Day… I don’t think Foster even had a chance to play with it!)IMG_5677

Emma loved this little gumball machine she got from Haley and Sara:IMG_5686

Playing with her new art supplies from Nana:IMG_5549


Opening gifts- she was so spoiled this year!IMG_5615

Helping Uncle Ron open gifts:IMG_5564 

Foster loved this new activity table from Ron and Christi:IMG_5700 

New Pottery Barn Kids hooded towel from Aunt Judy:IMG_5704

Dinner time:IMG_5697

Foster ate a pretty good lunch!IMG_5695 

Emma and Foster got so many great gifts for Christmas. We are so blessed by such wonderful family members! 

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