Christmas Eve

This is the first of several Christmas posts… it seems like this was the Christmas that never ended, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! I just uploaded my pictures from the past week and there were 300… AFTER I deleted the ones I didn’t like.  That’s a lot of pictures.  I am trying to sort through and edit and pick my favorites for the blog.

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas holiday.  This year we hosted the celebration at our house.  Mom, Uncle Brandon, Aunt Judy, Uncle Ron,  and Christi all came over to join in the festivities.

Uncle Brandon cooked some amazing steak and chicken fajitas.   For dessert we had peppermint ice cream with hot fudge- a tradition for our family.  After dinner Foster and Emma opened their Christmas pajamas from Nana.  After they were dressed for bed we all settled in to play Cranium.  I love playing games- it just brings out the best in people!

At bedtime, Emma and Daddy wrote a letter to Santa and we thoughtfully placed the cookies for Santa, a cup of milk, and the letter on the fireplace.

Here are some pictures from our night.

Baking cookies for Santa…IMG_5229edit

Playing by the tree…IMG_5278

Emma, Foster, Nana…IMG_5327

Chef Brandon chopping veggies:IMG_5332



Foster LOVED the black beans:IMG_5373edit

Santa P.J’s from Nana:IMG_5385edit

Getting ready for bed with Nana and Judy:IMG_5394

Nana really had to wrestle with Foster to get his pajamas on: IMG_5417

Ready for bed:IMG_5431edit

Annual writing of the letter to Santa with Daddy and Emma:IMG_5438

So thoughtful…IMG_5446 



Emma was so excited for Santa to visit our house- she asked Robin a million questions before bed about Santa’s visit!

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