Christmas in Arlington

We drove to Arlington on the morning of December 26th and got there just in time for a yummy lunch with Robin’s family at Chuy’s.  After lunch we went to Pops and Gigi’s house to unpack and let Foster take a nap.  Unfortunately, after about 4:00 pm, I don’t remember very much!  The stomach bug and/or food poisoning hit me hard in the late afternoon and I spent most of the next 12 hours on the bathroom floor.  It was AWFUL!  My entire body was shaking.  I missed Christmas dinner, and some of the gift unwrapping that evening.  I kept trying to come out and “look alive” so I could be with everyone but I don’t remember very much and I know I wasn’t the best company.  Emma had a wonderful time unwrapping gifts- MY gifts, Foster’s gifts, Robin’s gift, and her own!  We received so many nice things.  I wasn’t up for taking pictures and Robin wasn’t feeling great either but he did manage to take a few pictures.


Emma loves these beginning reading books from Pops and Gigi:IMG_5725

Lylah and Emma:IMG_5734edit 




Zane giving Emma a hug- he LOVES Emma!IMG_5805


A good family friend, Joy (right), spent the evening with us:IMG_5839


This was the funniest part of the evening- we were all so busy unwrapping gifts at one point we looked up and Foster was sitting on the coffee table- no one saw him do it!  He the most ornery look on his face too.  After laughing and snapping some pictures, we quickly removed him from the table!



Sitting ON his new car toy from Pops and Gigi:IMG_5902

Right after opening presents I went to sleep.  I was so sad to miss out on the Curry bonding time.  Sometimes sickness comes at the most inconvenient times!

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