Day Trip to Abilene

On Tuesday the 28th, Robin’s entire immediate family including sister, brother, their spouses, their children, and mom and dad and our family of four all rented a 15 passenger van and made a road trip to Abilene, TX!  It was fun and CRAZY!  We headed to Abilene to spend the day with the entire “Curry” extended family at his Aunt and Uncles house.  It was so good to see everyone.   A lot has happened with the Curry family this year- 4 babies born in the last year, Maw Maw’s husband Wes passed away, and Jonathan (Robin’s cousin) had a pulmonary embolism and was in critical condition for days.  It was so good to all get together and celebrate the miracles that have occurred this year. 

Here are Tommy and Emma waiting to load of the van on Tuesday morning- she still loves Uncle Tommy and copies everything he does!IMG_5954edit

Foster was ready to go!IMG_5946

Here is my view in the van- I was in the very very back with all of the gifts and luggage!!!IMG_5958

Here is the view from the front of the van- there were 12 in the van- 4 of those in carseats!!!IMG_5960

Robin and his Dad at Uncle Eddy’s house:IMG_5972edit

Emma and Foster hangin’ out- you can tell Emma is nervous about all of the ‘new’ faces she hadn’t seen in a while!IMG_5978edit

Me with Cousin Jonathan’s new baby Justus:IMG_5986

Maw Maw, Foster, and Robin- this was the first time Maw Maw had met him:IMG_5988

Robin, Foster, Aunt Crystal:IMG_6011

Maw Maw and Foster- he loved her!IMG_6030edit



Pops and Zane:IMG_6043edit

Robin and Maw Maw:IMG_6086

Sweet Lylah Belle… almost 1 year old!IMG_6060edit

Emma quickly latched on to Kaci (left)- she is Emma’s 2nd cousin and they had a blast playing together:IMG_6078

Foster and Lylah:IMG_5970

Foster and Daddy:IMG_6010

Hanging out in the kitchen… listening to Jonathan’s miraculous recovery story:IMG_6090

Robin and his Mom:IMG_6094edit

Pops managed to get Foster to take a nap on his lap- he is a miracle worker!IMG_6131


Evan, K’Dee, Emma, Kaci:IMG_6137edit

Foster loved this puppy dog book:IMG_6220


Robin opening his beautiful candle during the white elephant gift exchange:IMG_6251

Craig sporting the 2011 glasses:IMG_6295

Maw Maw, Robin, Emma: 3 generationsIMG_6320

Jonathan, Robin, Craig: CousinsIMG_6328

It was so great to see everyone and we can’t wait until the lake trip July 2011! 

One thought on “Day Trip to Abilene

  1. Hey Jill! My mom’s entire family is from Abilene!!!!! I love going there! Your trip looked like so much fun with everyone in the van!!!! :)

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