Foster is 14 months

Foster is now a little over 14 months old.  I really can’t believe it!  Foster is such a sweet boy.  I love him to pieces.  Here are a few pictures that I took this morning…


Just this month Foster has developed some really ornery looks.  He can be a little stinker but I love every second of it.  He’s all boy.  I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to discipline him- how could you discipline this face?


Foster isn’t quite walking yet.  I’m not worried about it.   I really think that because he is such an efficient crawler he just doesn’t see the need to walk?  We’re not pushing him because we know how things change once a baby becomes a toddler. :)  He has started randomly standing up on his own.  He’ll be in the middle of a room and he’ll just stand up with a little gleam in his eye like “Look at me, I’m pretty cool.”  Here he is standing… unfortunately you can’t see his feet here but trust me, he’s standing!


Here he is searching for his monkey paci in his crib.  When he gets sleepy or just bored, he goes to his crib to find it.  He is so attached to his monkey paci which I know is my fault because I gave it to him all the time when he was a baby and in pain from reflux.  It brings him so much comfort.  I don’t have the heart to take it from him yet so I’ll wait until it’s REALLY hard to wean him.  :)

Foster loves his bed.   He loves to sleep.  He loves to nap.  (He is just like his Mommy!) When he wakes up in the morning he eats breakfast, plays for about 45 minutes and then starts asking for a nap!  When I put him in his crib he smiles and pulls the blanket up to his chin and just giggles like “Oh, Mommy, I love my bed.  Night night.”  I’ve started to really try to hold him off a bit in the morning so he gets on a more normal nap schedule.  He also takes a long afternoon nap then goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps until 8:00 am. We got pretty lucky in the sleep department with this little guy.


He is a very good baby.  But when he wants something, he lets you know!  If he is hungry, you know.  If he is tired, you know.  Just this month he has become extremely vocal.  He babbles all the time.  Emma always tries to interpret what he’s saying.  Usually every sentence has a subject, a verb, and a Dadda.  We think.  He says things like “A bobba ee Dadda?”  “Moo Moo ah Dadda?”  Everything is a question, unless he’s mad- then it’s a very loud statement!

His favorite words are “Ball,  ball, and ball, and Dadda.” Balloon is “Baaaallllooo.”  Bottle is “Ba ba.”  More is “moh.”  He loves animal sounds: Monkey = “ooo ooo ooo ahh ahh ahh”, dog is “ar ar ar ar”, cow is “moooo,” rooster is “cah cah cah cah cah” for cockle doodle doo.  He does say “Mama” but only when he’s desperate.  He has a word for Emma, something like “eeda.” 


Foster LOVES balls, LOVES dogs, LOVES food.  But his favorite thing ever continues to be his sister Emma.  Really, their relationship is amazing.  He laughs at her, talks to her, wants to be right with her all the time.  And she is the best big sister ever.  This weekend at my Grandmother’s funeral Emma’s job was to take care of Foster for me during the ceremony (in the nursery with supervision.)  She truly did take care of him.  She kept his paci in her purse just in case he needed it.  She played with him the whole time and didn’t leave his side.  I love them together.


I know my life is going to get busier with Foster.  Robin and I remember the 12 month-2 year span of time as being the biggest period of change and development for Emma.  She went from a baby to a little person.  I can’t wait to see the little person that Foster will become. 

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