Grandma’s Funeral

I am working on a post called “Tribute to Grandma” that should be finished in a day or so… but I’m searching for a few more pictures that absolutely must be included in the post. 

For now, here are a few pictures from Saturday, January 22nd the day of Grandma’s funeral in Bartlesville.  She passed away on Tuesday, the 18th in Tulsa while residing at The Cottage.  She was 91 years old and passed away after a yucky bout with pneumonia. 

These 3 pictures were taken in the cemetery.  I realize that is very odd and probably uncommon to take pictures in a cemetery at a funeral, and even more odd that everyone is smiling.  But my family is not “normal” and I like these pictures so I am posting them.  This is the remaining Foster crew (minus my kids): Jill, Haley, Ron, Gail, Sara, Judy, Brandon.)




Nana and Foster before the ceremony (I love this picture of them!)IMG_6586

… and this is Emma right before the ceremony.  Needless to say I was very thankful that Judy and Ron lined up childcare for Foster and Emma during the service.  I have a feeling I would not have been able to truly enjoy the funeral if Emma and Foster had attended.  She was so wound up!




Grandma’s service was perfect.  It took place in a small chapel in her home church First United Methodist Church in Bartlesville.  Many of her long-time friends came to the service and it was so great to see them.  Grandma was a special lady and it was such a joy to celebrate her life. 

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