Last Christmas Celebration!

After our day trip to Abilene, we returned to Arlington late on Tuesday night and spent two more days there just hanging out with family.  On Wednesday, December 29th, Grandmom and Granddad traveled to Arlington from Lubbock with Aunt Alana and Uncle Bruce.  We were so thankful that they made the trip just so they could be with their Grandkids and Great-Grandkids for a day or so.  We hadn’t seen them since last Christmas- when Foster was only a month old!

Here are a few pictures from our day.

Great-Grandmom, Emma, and Robin:IMG_6332edit

This was a pretty funny site- Lylah (who is not even 1) was pushing Emma (4 years old) in the car:IMG_6342

Tommy playing with his Nieces:IMG_6350

Gigi reading to her Granddaughters:IMG_6353

Lylah’s eyes are even prettier in person!IMG_6363edit

Great-Grandmom feeding Foster his bottle:IMG_6369

Pops playing with his 2 Granddaughters:IMG_6371

Foster, Alana, Bruce, Emma, and Robin:IMG_6375

Emma learned how to set the table at her school and now she begs to set the table!  Here are a few pictures of her setting the table… she also collected ALL of Pops and Gigi’s nativity scenes from around the house and arranged them as one centerpiece on our dinner table!IMG_6381edit





Tommy and Crystal got  “Kinect” for Christmas and we had a lot of fun playing and watching Tommy play- he’s so good at it!  Emma really loved it and even got to play a few games too. IMG_6399


Emma, Great-Grandmom, Foster:IMG_6412edit

Great-Granddad, Emma, Great-Grandmom, Foster:IMG_6419edit 

We love you all!

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