Snow Day!

Well, the first real snow day of the year did not go exactly how I pictured… I work ONE day/week and the ONE day that I happened to work this week was Thursday, the very worst driving day ever and it just so happened that I volunteered to work a 12 hour day shift that day from 7am-7pm.  SO, not only did I miss out on watching Emma play in the snow, I had to drive on the scary roads early in the morning and late at night.  Yikes!  I prayed hard during my commute and drove about 10 mph both ways.  I had no major issues driving Praise the Lord! 

Robin stayed at home with both kids ALL. DAY. LONG.  We had thought that Emma would be at school that day but due to the snow school was cancelled!  By 9:00 am he had texted me saying, “How do you do this all day everyday???”  He had to be pretty creative entertaining the kids but I know he enjoys his time with them and the kids really love their special time with Daddy.

Robin took these pictures of Emma in the snow.  He wasn’t quite brave enough to bring Foster outside (and I don’t blame him!)  Hopefully we will get another snow day this Winter. :)






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