“Tangled” with Aunt Judy


Last Monday, on Martin Luther King Day, my sweet Aunt Judy took Emma to see “Tangled” at the movie theater at 2:00.  Emma was SO excited.  She has only been to see a real movie a couple of times and this is one that came highly recommended to us!  Emma waited for Judy in her playroom for about 30 minutes with her purse in her hand ready to go.  In her purse she packed a package of kleenex, gum, and sunglasses.   At the last minute, she made a wardrobe adjustment and decided to bring a different purse- one that was more “casual!”  I’m bummed that I didn’t take a picture of Emma and Judy before they left. 

Emma loved the movie and Judy said she did great.  She didn’t even hide her eyes through the scary parts!




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