Blizzard 2011


In my last post, I bragged about the beautiful weather we were having in Tulsa.  4 days later, that same bench seen in my last post looks like this today…


On Monday evening, January 31st around 11pm we began getting sleet, followed by thunder-snow (a new term I just learned), followed by snow, more snow, and full-blown blizzard!  When we woke up Tuesday morning we awoke to a Winter Wonderland.  The snow continued throughout the day and stopped mid-late afternoon.  The final estimates are that Tulsa received a record-setting 14 inches of snow.  Some areas received up to 20”.  It’s hard to tell how much we had at our house- the snow drifts measure up to 4 feet!  You can tell from some of the pictures below. 

Our playset in the backyard.  The slide on the right is almost covered up!IMG_6785


We have not even attempted to go in our backyard yet.  There are varying depths of snow back there!  You can tell that as the snow gets closer to the house (on the right), it gets deeper.  I guess that has to do with the way the wind was blowing!


This is our front shrub garden by our front window to the the playroom- the snow goes up 6 inches above the window!  See the next picture from inside where Emma is standing in the playroom.



And these are our poor trash cans (is that an oxymoron?) out at the curb.  We set them out on Monday night and hoped that they would be picked up.  We were wrong.  We plan to leave them there until Friday when we hope they might be picked up???  They have many diapers in them.  :)  At least they are frozen now!  Sorry neighbors!


My next post will include what we’ve been doing INSIDE during this blizzard!

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