Daddy Date Night


Last Thursday night on Daddy’s Birthday, Emma’s school had  “Daddy Date Night.”  The event had to be rescheduled due to the snow 2 weeks ago and we were excited that it was rescheduled on Daddy’s Birthday.  What a treat for him!

Emma has been looking forward to this for weeks and actually got a little bit nervous when she was getting ready… she said, “Mommy, I want to look as pretty as you did when you went on your date with Daddy last week.”  Oh my goodness, melt my heart!  She carefully chose which dress she wanted to wear and told me exactly how to fix her hair.  We put some sponge rollers in for a few minutes to give her some extra curl.

Emma and Robin went to Louie’s for dinner before going to her school.  He said they had a great time talking over dinner and she was really cute.

At Daddy Date Night Robin got to see a “day in the life of Emma at school.”  They went around to the different centers and got to do her work together.  Then they went to the auditorium where they got to do a craft and had their picture taken together.  Then the kids sang some songs for the Dads and then the Dads got to sing too! 

Emma had special tie that she had made for Robin to wear and he wore it home and took it to work the next day.  What a fun evening these two had together!  They have such a special relationship.




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