SO… we have been snowed in for days, and days, and days.  I guess it’s really only about 5 days but it kind of seems like more. FINALLY, over the weekend there was a break in the weather and my brother was able to drive me to the store.  There are 3 more chances for snow within the next week so I knew I needed to re-stock on some food items!  As soon as I stepped outside….. Ah, daylight!  It was so good to smell fresh air and see other people!  Walmart was a MAD HOUSE.  I’ve never seen such panicked looks on people’s faces!  The meat aisle, bread aisle, and cheese section were all empty, completely wiped out.  We went to Target for a second stop and they had everything I needed… Target never lets me down!

While at Walmart though, I spotted an OU Snuggie.  I’ve never owned a Snuggie.  I often make fun of people who own them.  But on that day at Walmart, it looked really appealing!  I’ve been freezing in my house for a whole week.  All we’ve been doing is laying around, resting, playing games, and I decided now was the time for a Snuggie.  So I bought one.  As my reward for surviving 5 days at home with two small chidren, I bought myself a Snuggie!!!

I know I look really attractive here.




Next was Emma’s turn to try it on… she loved it even more than I did so now we have to take turns wearing it.  Better yet, tonight we sat on the couch while watching “Princess and the Frog” and we shared the Snuggie.




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