Sledding Fun


On Saturday afternoon, the roads were looking a little better so we decided to get out and venture 1 mile down the road to 111th and Yale to go sledding.  We had heard that it was a good sledding site and it did not disappoint!  Normally, a retention pond sits on this corner but when 14 inches of snow falls, it becomes a sledding amusement park! 



Brandon went first to “check it out” for us!  He loved it.  He squeeled the whole way down.


Foster did NOT sled, he was just along for the ride.  :)


Emma wasn’t sure if she wanted to sled.  Obviously, we started her on a much smaller hill than the first one the adults went on.  She loved it and begged for more!

I LOVE this picture.  I posted it on Facebook and a friend pointed out to me that her boots are on backwards!!!  What really cracks me up about that is that I’m pretty sure I am the one that put them on her feet so I can’t even pretend that my 4 year old daughter goofed.  Poor girl, I bet her feet were hurting!



Uncle Brandon was so sweet to help Emma back up the hill each time.


Emma giving Daddy orders, “Daddy, bring my sled back up the hill so I can go down again!”


Mommy and the kids.  Yes, Foster is eating the strap on his hat!





Looks like we’ll be getting more snow so we may attempt to go sledding again later in the week!

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