Snow Day Activities

We have had an awesome time as a family hanging out at home.  I’m convinced that God sends us these days to give us quality family time- to MAKE US SLOW DOWN!   We’ve had two full days at home and it looks like we’ll have several more.  The amount of snow that poured on Tulsa has really done a number on our City! 

Let me start by saying… I am so grateful to a co-worker who worked for me at the hospital on Tuesday from 3-11 (she lives within walking distance of the hospital.)  I was so worried and sick thinking about how I was going to drive to the hospital.  The reality is that nurses don’t get snow days!  Someone has to be there to care for the babies.  If it is at all possible to get there- even if it’s risky- we have to get there.  However, in this extreme case, it was IMPOSSIBLE for many of the nurses to get to the hospital, including me.  We can’t even get out of our driveways.  Even if we shoveled our driveways, the neighborhoods are over a foot deep.  So, many nurses are sleeping at the hospital and working over-time.  Some have been there since Monday morning- they are truly heroes to many people including me!  I have been praying for them and thinking of them often.  So… let us remember to be thankful for those workers who continue to work when we get to stay at home warm in our houses and cuddle with our kids. 

Here are some of the things that have kept us busy the past two days.

Emma really wanted to go outside first-thing on Tuesday morning.  BUT, we haven’t let the kids go outside at all yet.  It’s just tooooo cold!  The winds are brutal.  So, we decided to bring the snow inside on Tuesday morning.  And I promise to let Emma go outside when it warms up a bit.  I have a feeling the snow will be sticking around for a while!



Foster didn’t love the snow.  He was more interested in playing with his fridge farm.  He enjoyed putting some of the farm animals in the snow!



Emma making blue snow with food coloring… IMG_6779

Movie time with Mommy, Daddy, and Emma.  We made a pallet in the living room and watched “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.”  It was a cute little movie.  Emma loved having us all to herself while Foster napped.  


“Can I go outside YET Mommy?”   IMG_6783

Wednesday we moved on to cleaning out the pantry.  This was a job that took a couple of hours!  Emma is really good at sorting things into groups which makes this Momma very proud!  I love to organize.  


Next we decided to work on some of Emma’s school “homework” so we’ll be ready when she does get to go back to school!  First we started on her Valentine’s.  She has to have 39 Valentine’s for all of the kids in her classes.  We were told to have our child try to write their own name on all of them.  She did great and was really proud of herself.  I was thankful that she has a short name!




After she wrote her name on all of them we attached a laffy taffy to each Valentine.  If I’d known we were going to have a whole week at home, I might have considered homemade Valentine’s but I had already bought these so we went with it!


Sweet Aunt Judy sent Emma an e-mail each day just to say hi and check in with her.  Emma always refuses to talk to people on the phone so e-mail was a good route of communication for her!  Emma loved getting the e-mails from Judy and she even attached some coloring pages for Emma!  We printed them out and they kept Emma quite busy. 

tangled coloring

On Wednesday, Uncle Brandon came over!  We were shocked (actually not really) that he attempted to drive to our house because the roads are still awful.  Uncle Brandon thinks he is Super Man and he did pretty well… until he got to our neighborhood and got stuck.  Only took 4 hours of digging and shoveling and he finally got his car free.  He hung out with us all day and is spending the night tonight.  Both kids love having him around.

Here is Brandon cooking dinner.  He really should be a chef.  He used random ingredients that I had to whip up a fancy “Breakfast for Dinner.”  Here he is teaching Emma how to make gravy for biscuits and gravy.




The last activity of the day was another homework assignment!  Emma made a penguin at school and she was supposed to dress it like a “Tacky Penguin” to take back to school for a parade.  We could use any materials from around the house to create clothes for the penguin.  Daddy, Brandon, Emma, and Mommy all gave input and here is what we came up with…


Thinking hard…brainstorming session…IMG_6820

Placing buttons…IMG_6825

The final product.  Meet our Tacky Penguin!tacky penguin

We hope everyone is staying warm!

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