Snow Day for Emma


Emma’s snow day was quite a bit busier than Foster’s snow day because she is a very busy girl!  Last night I tried to think of some fun things that Emma and I could do together to make this snow day fun rather than boring. 

Emma woke up in a good mood.  (see below.)IMG_0194

After waffles for breakfast I surprised Emma with her first activity of the day and she LOVED it.  I’m already planning another one for tomorrow.  I made a Picture Scavenger Hunt for her.  I thought of 20 things around the house that Emma could find and take a picture of with my little digital camera.  She loves taking pictures, and she loves to “find” things, and she loves to check things off of lists, so this was perfect for her!


The next 2 pictures are pictures that Emma took while on her scavenger hunt!

Emma’s bows, item #18IMG_0188

One of Foster’s favorite toys, #16:IMG_0200 

Emma also took this picture of the T.V. even though it wasn’t on her scavenger hunt list.  I thought it was a good picture because she captured the weather mess on T.V!IMG_0201

Next we sat down to make snowflakes out of coffee filters.  We cut some of them with scissors and then we painted on some with watercolors.  Emma liked painting better than cutting.  IMG_6862



Next we did some chores.  I had to unload and load the dishwasher.  Emma loves to help with this lately.  It probably takes me longer to finish the job with her helping but I really enjoy her company and willingness to help.  Her job is usually the silverware, sippy cups, and kid bowls.IMG_6886 


While Foster and I played in his room, Emma read some of his books.  She LOVES books.IMG_6933edit



…next she rode on Foster’s rocking horse (which used to be HER rocking horse!)IMG_6972

Next we played in her room.  Here she is putting a candle in her dollhouse because she thought the dolls would like for their living room to “smell good.”  She took the candle from my living room to put it there!  Don’t worry, it is not lit (although it kind of looks lit in this picture!) and I moved it back after we were done playing.IMG_7008

Playing with Rapunzel…IMG_7028 

She looks sad here but I think she’s just thinking really hard!IMG_7030

Other things we did today include:

1. Called Nana twice to see how her day was going.

2. Organized her bathroom drawers

3. Organized her closet

4. Played McDonald’s

5. Watched Barney

6. Ate ice cream

7. Cuddled on the recliner while she rubbed MY back!

We had a great day hanging out together.  Emma’s love language is most definitely quality time and I love giving it to her when I can.  You can see her love tank just fill up- she is so happy when we spend one-on-one time with her. :)

I’m not sure I could be snowed in with Emma EVERY day unless I had a little 15 minute break here and there.  This girl wears me flat out!  I love her to pieces though!IMG_7055edit

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