Valentine’s Day Dinner with My Sweetie

Robin and I always try to go out to eat for Valentine’s Day before the actual day so we can avoid the madness.  This year we got to use a Gift Card that we got for Christmas from my Uncle Ron and we went to Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant in Tulsa.  It was YUMMY!  Robin got the Beef Goulash and I got the Tiger Prawns with Spaghetti.  For dessert we had Butterscotch Pudding!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We are so fortunate that my mom lives in town and is able to babysit periodically so we can go on dates.

I love spending alone time with Robin- it’s funny to thank about how our date conversations have changed over the  years.  I think we talked about our kids about 50% of our date, and that’s ok.  We love them and they are a pretty big part of our life. :)

Here is a picture from our Valentine’s Date night and below that is a picture from our very first date- Diadeloso at Baylor on April 15, 1999.  My how we have changed!  Still just as happy and in love though.



I love you Robin- thanks for a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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