Foster loves the word basketball.  Robin taught it to him a few weeks ago when teaching him the difference between a basketball, football, baseball, etc.  Basketball is the only one that stuck.  Now, when we see any kind of ball out and about or at stores he shouts “BAS-KET-BALLLLLLLLLLL” over and over again very loudly.  For example, yesterday Foster and I were at Target and he saw some easter eggs on the shelf and began saying “bas-ket-balllll” over and over again frantically until I handed them to him to hold.  He got a big grin on his face and kept patting the easter eggs and saying “bas-ket-ballll.” People in Target were definitely cracking up at him…. and I was laughing pretty hard too.

I’m not sure he has the context of the word down correctly but he really likes the way it sounds! 

We’re hoping he has “BIG MILLIONAIRE NBA PLAYER” in his future. :) 

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