Every morning when we go to get Foster out of his crib the first words out of his mouth are “Do-A-Woff?”  which means…. “Do a Waffle?”  He says this because we used to ask him in the morning, “Foster, do you want to do a waffle?  Do you want to do cereal for breakfast?  Do you want to do oatmeal?”  So he now lets us know EVERY morning that he wants to “Do a Waffle.”  He could eat 4 waffles- we have to restrict him.  And he loves to watch them cook- I think it’s to make sure are really fixing them for him- that they really will be ready in a minute! We don’t normally set him on the counter by the toaster oven- just for this picture and don’t worry- I didn’t let him touch the toaster oven! 


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