What have we been up to?

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks because things have just been CRAZY around here!

During Robin’s Birthday weekend I started having severe pain in one of my lower molar teeth.  I’ll save you the gory details but the bottom line is that I needed a tooth implant.  The surgery was originally scheduled for March 31st but when the pain became debilitating the Periodontist worked me into his schedule on Tuesday, February 22nd.  Robin stayed home from work that day and played Mr. Mom.  Unfortunately, the oral surgery kind of wiped me out for the rest of the week.  I missed MOPS, children’s choir, and all of my other usual weekly activities. :(  And my silly mouth hurt like crazy, and I couldn’t eat a lot! 

The following weekend I had Just Between Friends, the local consignment sale that I’m a huge fan of.  I consign my kids clothes and volunteer at the sale every Spring and Fall.  Luckily, I was still able to bring all of my stuff to sell at the sale with the help of my Aunt Judy.  I also was able to work my 2 shifts the weekend following my surgery but it was definitely a crazy week. 

Then the following week my Uncle Ron was admitted to the hospital with severe pneumonia and ended up having surgery on Wednesday, March 2nd.  Maybe it’s because I’m a nurse but I just can’t stand to have a relative in the hospital.  It seems like no nurse quite meets my standards and I find all kinds of things “wrong” with the situation.  I ended up spending two nights in the hospital with my Uncle to help out.  I wish I could have been there all the time but I needed to take care of my family too.  Ron went home from the hospital this Sunday and while he still has a long way to go he is doing much better.

Here are a few pictures of my kiddos from the past couple of weeks.  I vow to take more pictures in the next few days now that things have settled down.

after bath and ready for bed…IMG_7169

Foster has started to like books a lot more in recent days…IMG_7165



This is a very blurry picture of Emma at Kinley’s Birthday party at Bounce U on Monday.  From left to right: Emma, Karter, Kinley, Mackenzie, Katelyn, and Madison (all sweet friends from church!)IMG_0072

Emma had Kaycee over for a playdate today.  These girls were in the same class at ELP for two years and are a match made in heaven.  They haven’t seen each other since Kaycee’s Birthday party in late December but they always pick back up right where they left off.  I loved watching them play together at our house. 

Funny story… the morning of the playdate Emma was being a bit ornery and I said, “Emma you need to start obeying or we may have to cancel our playdate with Kaycee.”  (I hate using threats as a parenting style but sometimes you just gotta do what works.)  Emma said in a very teenage-like voice, “Mom, you wouldn’t really do that to me, would you?”  I said, “No, you’re right, I wouldn’t… that would be really mean.”  She’s been looking forward to having Kaycee over for months.  Luckily, Emma shaped up pretty quickly and I didn’t have to come up with another threat. 



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