Easter Day

Our Easter Sunday seems like a whirlwind!  Emma and I had to be at church at 9:00 to help watch children for the 9:00 service so our family left for church in two different shifts.  Here is Emma seeing her Easter basket before church.  She was SO tired!  She got a pink soccer ball, socker socks,  Peeps, and some Dora treats.

IMG 8803


Foster and Emma’s Easter baskets.  Foster got a stuffed monkey, some peeps, some soft balls, and some Teddy Grahams.  His favorite treat was the Teddy Grahams- this boy loves to eat!

IMG 8799


This was a very strange Easter Sunday- it rained the entire day which made for a bad hair day for both Mommy and Emma!

However, the message of the day rang true to me more than ever… JESUS LIVES.  Our pastor’s sermon was excellent… “Do you love Jesus, or the idea of loving Jesus?”  Easter is a fantastic time for Restoration with Jesus.  A great time to renew your faith.  I also find that teaching Emma the story of Easter has given me an even deeper appreciate for what Christ did for me.  I’m so grateful for my Savior.

Foster, Nana, and Emma after church on Sunday.  Nana bought Emma’s Easter dress and sweater for her- thank you so much Nana!

IMG 8806

IMG 8812


Foster got so many great treats for Nana, Aunt Judy, and Haley and Sara.  Here is checking out his Bumble Bee puppet book from Judy- he squealed every time he read it!

IMG 8838


Emma checking out Uncle Boom’s candy.

IMG 8846


A hidden Easter egg in Nana’s red chair

IMG 8863


Mommy talking to Emma about her new treats!  Man, I look so tired!

IMG 8874


Emma eating her fun dip!

IMG 8887


Such a big boy!

IMG 8888


Emma with Aunt Judy

IMG 8897

IMG 8900

IMG 8924


Hunting eggs indoors at Nana’s house

IMG 8934

IMG 8947

IMG 8956

IMG 9008


A-MAZING Strawberry Cream Cake from Queenie’s that Aunt Judy brought to lunch

IMG 8986


Aunt Judy and Emma painting in one of her new coloring books!  Emma love to paint with Aunt Judy

IMG 9018

IMG 9024


Uncle Ron and Foster- Foster was so tired- he did not have any sort of a nap on Easter!

IMG 9027


Haley, Emma, and Judy- Emma just adores Haley and Judy!

IMG 9033


Foster kept laying his head and Brandon to cuddle- he was so tired!

IMG 9034

IMG 9041


Easter eggs that Mommy and Jamey dyed on Saturday night.  We intended for Aubrey and Emma to help us but we ended up dying 3 dozen eggs by ourselves!

IMG 9047

IMG 9050


Just had to include this picture… I had about 100 plastic eggs left over from a MOPS project that we did at church.  Foster LOVED playing with the eggs.  He loved taking them out of the red basket and putting them in the laundry basket.  He played with them for hours!  I would usually bring them out when I was trying to prepare dinner and the occupied him for a long time.  I think I may leave these out until next Easter!

IMG 9053


These are the Resurrection Eggs that we made at MOPS- this is a fun way to teach Preschoolers about the Easter Story.  Each egg has a Bible verse and symbol to explain that verse.  You open one egg per day for the 12 days leading up to Easter.  Emma LOVED this!

IMG 9055

Easter Egg Hunt at The Oaks

On Saturday, April 23rd we were invited to attend the annual Easter Egg hunt at The Oaks with our good friends, The Webbs.

Emma always looks forward to this event so much!

Emma spent the night with Nana on Friday night because I worked at the hospital and Nana was able to help Emma get ready for the hunt the next morning.  Here she is ready to go!

IMG 8728


Foster, ready for the hunt!

IMG 8732


It was a very rainy Saturday morning so we were prepared to hunt eggs indoors just in case.  The ground was slightly wet but the rain stopped long enough for the hunt.  It was chilly but the kids didn’t seem to notice!

Aubrey and Emma at the starting point for the egg hunt- do they look excited or what!

IMG 8744


Here the are holding their baskets ready to go!

IMG 8748


Here they are in action- Emma and Aubrey are in the very back of this picture.  They did a great job this year!


IMG 8749


Here is Emma immediately after the hunt showing off her eggs

IMG 8753


There were different age groups for the egg hunt so Robin went with Foster and I went with Emma.  Poor Robin had the tougher job.  Robin said Foster cried the majority of the hunt and was scared of walking on the grass!  He got ONE egg during the hunt… and Robin picked that egg up and put it in the basket FOR Foster.  :)

IMG 8770


Here is Foster’s basket after the hunt!

IMG 8774

IMG 8782

IMG 8784


Emma and Aubrey posing with the Easter bunny.  We think this was a real person inside of a bunny costume… but it was kind of creepy because the bunny never moved or spoke!

IMG 8791


Playing in the grass after the hunt.

IMG 8796

Woodward Park Pictures

We have started a new tradition called “Family Night” at the Curry house.  On Tuesday nights, we turn off all technology (TV, phones, computers, etc.) and just spend time together.  Normally, we spend time just hanging out in one of the kids’ rooms, wrestling and being silly.  After Foster goes to bed we play board games with Emma.  Then after she goes to bed Robin and I play card games (and I usually beat him really bad!)  It has been so fun.  It’s really amazing how “attached” to our technology we have become and I’ve found it to be so refreshing to take a break one night a week.

This Tuesday night we decided fairly last-minute to go to Woodward Park to check out the tulips and take some pictures.  I asked my Aunt Judy if she could meet us there to take some pictures of all 4 of us and she did.  She did such a great job taking pictures of our family and we had a great time with her at the park.  After pictures we headed to the swings for a while and then we went to Cherry Berry for some yogurt.  It was a beautiful night- one that I want to remember forever.

Here are the pictures from the night: Emma: 4 years, 4 months and Foster: almost 17 months.

IMG 8271  Version 2 10


IMG 8301  Version 2 23


IMG 8424  Version 2 90


IMG 8277  Version 2 13

IMG 8439  Version 2 105



IMG 8445  Version 2 108


IMG 8490  Version 3 142

IMG 8475  Version 2 134

IMG 8474  Version 2 132

IMG 8460  Version 2 117

IMG 8459  Version 2 115


This picture cracks me up… We brought along some marshmallows to bribe Foster with for pics- here are Daddy and Emma trying to get Foster to walk to them!

IMG 8427  Version 2 94

IMG 8364  Version 2 56


IMG 8410  Version 2 80

IMG 8379  Version 2 67


IMG 8506 157

IMG 8559  Version 2 203


IMG 8562  Version 2 206


IMG 8587  Version 2 230

IMG 8588  Version 2 232



IMG 8350  Version 2 46


IMG 8320  Version 2 34

IMG 8310  Version 2 29



IMG 8541  Version 2 186


IMG 8373  Version 2 60

Private Soccer Lessons with Uncle Boom

Uncle Brandon has been patiently waiting for the day that Emma wanted to learn to play soccer!  A few days ago while we sat in the living room watching T.V, Brandon said, “This is silly.  It’s so beautiful outside, we need to go out there and do something!”  So off we went.  Brandon proceeded to give Emma a 45 minute soccer lesson in the front yard.  She loved it!  She was quite a good little soccer player and now tells me every day that she wants to play real soccer now.  Now, I must say there were moments of drama- like when she fell down and skinned her knee and bawled and begged for a bandaid, and when she demanded that I bring her sunglasses to her, and when she asked me to get rid of the mosquitoes.   Overall, it was really fun to watch.

Also, please notice that her “Lamby” came along for the lesson and even learned to kick the ball himself. :)


IMG 8214

IMG 8199


IMG 8206


IMG 8209

IMG 8239


IMG 8232

IMG 8221

IMG 8218


IMG 8213

IMG 8200

New Computer!!!

Wow, I’m still in shock!  I got off work on Friday night and met Robin and the kids at Applebee’s for dinner.  As soon as I sat down Emma had a very sheepish look on her face and kept nervous giggling.  I said, “What is going on?”  She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Computer.”  I still had no idea what was up.  Robin told me check our blog on my phone… I did, and there I saw a picture of a new Mac Book Pro!!!  I could not believe it.  I have been needing a new computer for several months.  My old Dell Laptop was dying a slow, miserable death.  Every night I complained about how slow it was, how frustrating it was, etc.  We could tell it was on it’s last leg.  But we hadn’t discussed when or how we would be able to get a new computer for me.  Robin was so sweet and decided it was time.  He took both kids to the Apple Store and endured an hour on the phone with Bank of America- they denied our credit card because we don’t usually make “that kind of purchase.”  True, we don’t!!!

I LOVE my computer.  It is fast, I love the screen picture quality, and I love my new photo editing software!

Thank you so much Robin for the wonderful surprise.

My blog posts may look a little bit different, I am working on figuring out how to blog with new software. :)

IMG 8162

IMG 8187

IMG 8190


Blue Bell Creamery Field Trip

Emma and I got to go to the Blue Bell Creamery this morning for her school field trip.  We had a great time!

The creamery is located in Broken Arrow- about a 20 minute drive from our house.  I’ve always wanted to go there for a tour but had never been and it was fascinating.

It was so cool to see the ice cream being made and the factory workers working so hard to make sure it all happens smoothly and efficiently.  Following the tour we got to eat a scoop of ice cream which is a good thing because we were all very hungry after watching gallons of ice cream be made!


Emma running to the Creamer- we had to park far away and it was a very windy day!IMG_8075

Karter, Maggie, Adelynn, Hannah, and Emma:IMG_8082





Brooklyn, Emma, Adelynn- deep in thought!IMG_8128

“Chocolate Please.”IMG_8132



Maggie and Emma:IMG_8143

Dance Progress


Monday night was viewing night at Emma’s ballet/tap class.  She had a large audience as usual- Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Judy, Nana, Uncle Brandon, and Foster all came to see Emma dance! 

I almost thought they weren’t going to be able to make it to dance class because we had a wardrobe malfunction on the way out the door and I only have one pair of ballet tights.  Luckily, her dance studio had a pair we could buy- thank you Aunt Judy for saving the day!!!

Emma was a little bit tired from our Texas trip over the weekend- you could tell she was really dragging but she was a trooper.

It is amazing to see the progress that Emma has made in dance class this year!  She is so much more confident and at ease.  I can’t wait for the real recital in May!





Her tongue was out of her mouth most of the time- I think it helps her dance better?!IMG_8008









After dance the whole family went to Hideaway Pizza for dinner.  We had a great time laughing and having fun.  It was a great evening!

Early Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner

Sunday afternoon we decided to have an Easter egg hunt for the kids since we wouldn’t be seeing each other on Easter.  In past years, Emma was the only child hunting the eggs but this year she had some competition!

Copy of IMG_7808edit

Back in October, we thought it was SO hard to get 1 year olds to all pose for a picture in a pumpkin patch.  Now that photo shoot seems easy!  Trying to get 3 busy walking toddlers to pose for a picture is near impossible.  The above shot is the best that we got!  And right after taking it, Zane dumped his Easter basket eggs on his head (see below!)


Here is one of the “outtakes”- check out Foster and Lylah!IMG_7785




After the egg hunt and naps, we all went to dinner for one last chance to hang out before heading home.  We went to Mexican Inn and had a great time- although Foster wasn’t a fan of sitting in his high chair and had to go for several walks outside.


Lylah and her tongueIMG_7859edit

Emma and Zane really love each other!IMG_7896



Crystal, Zane, Emma, TommyIMG_7915


South Oaks 30th Anniversary Sunday

This Sunday we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of South Oaks Baptist Church, in Arlington, TX, where Robin’s Dad has been the Pastor for almost 20 years!  It was a beautiful service and we loved getting to go to church with the entire family.  Robin’s brother, Craig, preached as a guest preacher and it was so fun to hear him.  Every time we hear him preach we are in awe of the gift God has given him.  He gave a wonderful sermon on being “Christ’s Ambassadors” and the message really challenged me. 

Here are a few pictures from the morning.  Foster was still feeling pretty crummy so he was held by either Mommy or Daddy the entire morning.

Can you tell that Foster doesn’t feel very good?IMG_7713

What’s this? Foster got a spark of happiness!  Yippee!IMG_7716

Mommy and FosterIMG_7718edit

Pastor Craig, Jason, and Robin: The Three Stooges from the good ‘ol daysIMG_7720