Blue Bell Creamery Field Trip

Emma and I got to go to the Blue Bell Creamery this morning for her school field trip.  We had a great time!

The creamery is located in Broken Arrow- about a 20 minute drive from our house.  I’ve always wanted to go there for a tour but had never been and it was fascinating.

It was so cool to see the ice cream being made and the factory workers working so hard to make sure it all happens smoothly and efficiently.  Following the tour we got to eat a scoop of ice cream which is a good thing because we were all very hungry after watching gallons of ice cream be made!


Emma running to the Creamer- we had to park far away and it was a very windy day!IMG_8075

Karter, Maggie, Adelynn, Hannah, and Emma:IMG_8082





Brooklyn, Emma, Adelynn- deep in thought!IMG_8128

“Chocolate Please.”IMG_8132



Maggie and Emma:IMG_8143

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