Early Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner

Sunday afternoon we decided to have an Easter egg hunt for the kids since we wouldn’t be seeing each other on Easter.  In past years, Emma was the only child hunting the eggs but this year she had some competition!

Copy of IMG_7808edit

Back in October, we thought it was SO hard to get 1 year olds to all pose for a picture in a pumpkin patch.  Now that photo shoot seems easy!  Trying to get 3 busy walking toddlers to pose for a picture is near impossible.  The above shot is the best that we got!  And right after taking it, Zane dumped his Easter basket eggs on his head (see below!)


Here is one of the “outtakes”- check out Foster and Lylah!IMG_7785




After the egg hunt and naps, we all went to dinner for one last chance to hang out before heading home.  We went to Mexican Inn and had a great time- although Foster wasn’t a fan of sitting in his high chair and had to go for several walks outside.


Lylah and her tongueIMG_7859edit

Emma and Zane really love each other!IMG_7896



Crystal, Zane, Emma, TommyIMG_7915


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