Easter Day

Our Easter Sunday seems like a whirlwind!  Emma and I had to be at church at 9:00 to help watch children for the 9:00 service so our family left for church in two different shifts.  Here is Emma seeing her Easter basket before church.  She was SO tired!  She got a pink soccer ball, socker socks,  Peeps, and some Dora treats.

IMG 8803


Foster and Emma’s Easter baskets.  Foster got a stuffed monkey, some peeps, some soft balls, and some Teddy Grahams.  His favorite treat was the Teddy Grahams- this boy loves to eat!

IMG 8799


This was a very strange Easter Sunday- it rained the entire day which made for a bad hair day for both Mommy and Emma!

However, the message of the day rang true to me more than ever… JESUS LIVES.  Our pastor’s sermon was excellent… “Do you love Jesus, or the idea of loving Jesus?”  Easter is a fantastic time for Restoration with Jesus.  A great time to renew your faith.  I also find that teaching Emma the story of Easter has given me an even deeper appreciate for what Christ did for me.  I’m so grateful for my Savior.

Foster, Nana, and Emma after church on Sunday.  Nana bought Emma’s Easter dress and sweater for her- thank you so much Nana!

IMG 8806

IMG 8812


Foster got so many great treats for Nana, Aunt Judy, and Haley and Sara.  Here is checking out his Bumble Bee puppet book from Judy- he squealed every time he read it!

IMG 8838


Emma checking out Uncle Boom’s candy.

IMG 8846


A hidden Easter egg in Nana’s red chair

IMG 8863


Mommy talking to Emma about her new treats!  Man, I look so tired!

IMG 8874


Emma eating her fun dip!

IMG 8887


Such a big boy!

IMG 8888


Emma with Aunt Judy

IMG 8897

IMG 8900

IMG 8924


Hunting eggs indoors at Nana’s house

IMG 8934

IMG 8947

IMG 8956

IMG 9008


A-MAZING Strawberry Cream Cake from Queenie’s that Aunt Judy brought to lunch

IMG 8986


Aunt Judy and Emma painting in one of her new coloring books!  Emma love to paint with Aunt Judy

IMG 9018

IMG 9024


Uncle Ron and Foster- Foster was so tired- he did not have any sort of a nap on Easter!

IMG 9027


Haley, Emma, and Judy- Emma just adores Haley and Judy!

IMG 9033


Foster kept laying his head and Brandon to cuddle- he was so tired!

IMG 9034

IMG 9041


Easter eggs that Mommy and Jamey dyed on Saturday night.  We intended for Aubrey and Emma to help us but we ended up dying 3 dozen eggs by ourselves!

IMG 9047

IMG 9050


Just had to include this picture… I had about 100 plastic eggs left over from a MOPS project that we did at church.  Foster LOVED playing with the eggs.  He loved taking them out of the red basket and putting them in the laundry basket.  He played with them for hours!  I would usually bring them out when I was trying to prepare dinner and the occupied him for a long time.  I think I may leave these out until next Easter!

IMG 9053


These are the Resurrection Eggs that we made at MOPS- this is a fun way to teach Preschoolers about the Easter Story.  Each egg has a Bible verse and symbol to explain that verse.  You open one egg per day for the 12 days leading up to Easter.  Emma LOVED this!

IMG 9055

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