Easter Egg Hunt at The Oaks

On Saturday, April 23rd we were invited to attend the annual Easter Egg hunt at The Oaks with our good friends, The Webbs.

Emma always looks forward to this event so much!

Emma spent the night with Nana on Friday night because I worked at the hospital and Nana was able to help Emma get ready for the hunt the next morning.  Here she is ready to go!

IMG 8728


Foster, ready for the hunt!

IMG 8732


It was a very rainy Saturday morning so we were prepared to hunt eggs indoors just in case.  The ground was slightly wet but the rain stopped long enough for the hunt.  It was chilly but the kids didn’t seem to notice!

Aubrey and Emma at the starting point for the egg hunt- do they look excited or what!

IMG 8744


Here the are holding their baskets ready to go!

IMG 8748


Here they are in action- Emma and Aubrey are in the very back of this picture.  They did a great job this year!


IMG 8749


Here is Emma immediately after the hunt showing off her eggs

IMG 8753


There were different age groups for the egg hunt so Robin went with Foster and I went with Emma.  Poor Robin had the tougher job.  Robin said Foster cried the majority of the hunt and was scared of walking on the grass!  He got ONE egg during the hunt… and Robin picked that egg up and put it in the basket FOR Foster.  :)

IMG 8770


Here is Foster’s basket after the hunt!

IMG 8774

IMG 8782

IMG 8784


Emma and Aubrey posing with the Easter bunny.  We think this was a real person inside of a bunny costume… but it was kind of creepy because the bunny never moved or spoke!

IMG 8791


Playing in the grass after the hunt.

IMG 8796

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