Foster at 16 months old

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted but we’re still here!  We’ve just been super busy…maybe it’s because this little boy is walking all over the place and keeping me on my toes!

Here are a few pictures of Foster at 16 months old. IMG_7473

I love this picture… Emma has been Foster’s #1 cheerleader when it comes to walking.  She always follows right behind him to make sure he doesn’t fall down.  Recently, she has started pretending that she’s teaching her “Lamb” to walk too.  Here Foster is walking with Emma following closely behind while teaching Lamb to walk.  IMG_7441edit 

Here are a couple of Foster and Daddy.  Some people tell us that Foster looks just like Robin, some say he looks just like me.  Robin and I think he looks just like Emma at his age.  IMG_7478edit


He has a favorite hiding spot in Daddy’s office- just on the other side of the doors that go from the living room into his office.  He likes to open the door, get into the corner, peek through the door and giggle until we find him.IMG_7492edit



He does have moments where he gets kind of bossy and demands that we do something for him… I can tell by the look on his face here that this is one of those moments!IMG_7498

“You wanna play basketball Daddy?”IMG_7501




I love this close-up because you can see his THREE teeth on bottom… aren’t you supposed to get either 2 or 4 teeth on the bottom at the same time?  He got 3!IMG_7511edit

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