New Computer!!!

Wow, I’m still in shock!  I got off work on Friday night and met Robin and the kids at Applebee’s for dinner.  As soon as I sat down Emma had a very sheepish look on her face and kept nervous giggling.  I said, “What is going on?”  She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Computer.”  I still had no idea what was up.  Robin told me check our blog on my phone… I did, and there I saw a picture of a new Mac Book Pro!!!  I could not believe it.  I have been needing a new computer for several months.  My old Dell Laptop was dying a slow, miserable death.  Every night I complained about how slow it was, how frustrating it was, etc.  We could tell it was on it’s last leg.  But we hadn’t discussed when or how we would be able to get a new computer for me.  Robin was so sweet and decided it was time.  He took both kids to the Apple Store and endured an hour on the phone with Bank of America- they denied our credit card because we don’t usually make “that kind of purchase.”  True, we don’t!!!

I LOVE my computer.  It is fast, I love the screen picture quality, and I love my new photo editing software!

Thank you so much Robin for the wonderful surprise.

My blog posts may look a little bit different, I am working on figuring out how to blog with new software. :)

IMG 8162

IMG 8187

IMG 8190


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