Playground Time with Cousins

Following the youth group reunion at South Oaks Baptist Church, all of us decided to take our kids to the church playground to let them expend some of their energy!

It was really fun to watch all of the cousins play together.

Poor Foster was having terrible teething pain so he wasn’t interested in playing.   He just wanted to be held.

The two girl cousins: Lylah and Emma- I like it how their making similar facial expressions here!IMG_7593edit 

Is Lylah adorable or what??? She is almost 15 months old here:IMG_7611edit

Zane is 19 months old and has the best personality- so hilarious!IMG_7622edit

Emma is 4 years and 3 months here- she LOVES to be the Mother Hen to all of the younger cousins.IMG_7612edit







Foster was only happy when being held by Pops or MommyIMG_7652edit

Emma taught Lylah and Zane how to throw rocks.  Sorry Lylah and Zane’s Mommy and Daddy!  I guess that’s what older cousins are for?IMG_7681edit




After all of that playing Lylah needed a drink of Gigi’s tea! IMG_7671edit


Saturday night we attended a youth group reunion at Robin’s home church in Arlington, TX.   Emma pretty much thinks she owns the place.

Pops was making an informal announcement on stage and look who accompanied him… while barefoot.



Road Trip

Over the weekend of April 1-3rd we went to Arlington to spend time with family and attend a couple of special events at Robin’s Dad’s church.

On the drive there we told Emma if she took a nap on the way there she might get to stay up late and play with Pops… one minute later we turned out and saw this…


She slept for about 2 hours and she did get stay up really late at Pops and Gigi’s house.  We watched “Tangled” with the whole family until about 11:30!

Vegetable Visitor

I love Emma’s Preschool.  She is learning so much and loves to go each day.  I also love that they think “outside of the box” and come up with some really neat projects for the kids that involve fun and learning.

Over the week of Spring Break we had a homework assignment.  The project was called “Vegetable Visitors” and the kids were supposed to create a creature out of vegetables and toothpicks.  The kids were each assigned a day to bring their visitor to class and explain it to the kids.

Emma and I went to Super Target on Sunday evening and browsed the produce aisle for quite awhile.  We talked about all of the different produce and determined if each one was a fruit or vegetable.  We even looked at the vegetables you don’t normally hear about or talk about- there are some really cool looking vegetables!

After looking at all of the vegetables we decided on the following to make our creation: Acorn squash, yellow pepper, cauliflower, radish, and carrots.  Emma is a “color girl” and these were all pretty colorful!

When we got home we washed the vegetables and set up a work spot on the kitchen table. 

Here are some pictures of the process..







Introducing “Squashy!”IMG_7543

This is the next day before school.  I had Emma pose with Squashy for a couple of pictures. She informed me that Squashy was a baby and needed a bottle.  She fed him a bottle on the way to school!



The second BIG part of this project was that Emma was supposed to SHARE with her class about Squashy.  She was supposed to say what he was made out of, etc.  We practiced twice at home for Daddy.  She did great at home.  However, I hear she was pretty quiet at school.  She likes to whisper in her teachers ear instead of talking out loud.  I think she is a little bit like her Daddy when it comes to talking in a big group. :)  This is something we are slowly working on but we have seen so much improvement in this just this year.  Through children’s choir, dance, and school, she has lots of opportunities to practice talking in a group!

A bonus of this project???  After we made Squashy Emma begged to eat cauliflower and carrots!  BONUS for Mommy!  Just goes to show that if fun is involved, kids might be more interested in trying a new food.

Foster at 16 months old

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted but we’re still here!  We’ve just been super busy…maybe it’s because this little boy is walking all over the place and keeping me on my toes!

Here are a few pictures of Foster at 16 months old. IMG_7473

I love this picture… Emma has been Foster’s #1 cheerleader when it comes to walking.  She always follows right behind him to make sure he doesn’t fall down.  Recently, she has started pretending that she’s teaching her “Lamb” to walk too.  Here Foster is walking with Emma following closely behind while teaching Lamb to walk.  IMG_7441edit 

Here are a couple of Foster and Daddy.  Some people tell us that Foster looks just like Robin, some say he looks just like me.  Robin and I think he looks just like Emma at his age.  IMG_7478edit


He has a favorite hiding spot in Daddy’s office- just on the other side of the doors that go from the living room into his office.  He likes to open the door, get into the corner, peek through the door and giggle until we find him.IMG_7492edit



He does have moments where he gets kind of bossy and demands that we do something for him… I can tell by the look on his face here that this is one of those moments!IMG_7498

“You wanna play basketball Daddy?”IMG_7501




I love this close-up because you can see his THREE teeth on bottom… aren’t you supposed to get either 2 or 4 teeth on the bottom at the same time?  He got 3!IMG_7511edit