Playground Time with Cousins

Following the youth group reunion at South Oaks Baptist Church, all of us decided to take our kids to the church playground to let them expend some of their energy!

It was really fun to watch all of the cousins play together.

Poor Foster was having terrible teething pain so he wasn’t interested in playing.   He just wanted to be held.

The two girl cousins: Lylah and Emma- I like it how their making similar facial expressions here!IMG_7593edit 

Is Lylah adorable or what??? She is almost 15 months old here:IMG_7611edit

Zane is 19 months old and has the best personality- so hilarious!IMG_7622edit

Emma is 4 years and 3 months here- she LOVES to be the Mother Hen to all of the younger cousins.IMG_7612edit







Foster was only happy when being held by Pops or MommyIMG_7652edit

Emma taught Lylah and Zane how to throw rocks.  Sorry Lylah and Zane’s Mommy and Daddy!  I guess that’s what older cousins are for?IMG_7681edit




After all of that playing Lylah needed a drink of Gigi’s tea! IMG_7671edit

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