Private Soccer Lessons with Uncle Boom

Uncle Brandon has been patiently waiting for the day that Emma wanted to learn to play soccer!  A few days ago while we sat in the living room watching T.V, Brandon said, “This is silly.  It’s so beautiful outside, we need to go out there and do something!”  So off we went.  Brandon proceeded to give Emma a 45 minute soccer lesson in the front yard.  She loved it!  She was quite a good little soccer player and now tells me every day that she wants to play real soccer now.  Now, I must say there were moments of drama- like when she fell down and skinned her knee and bawled and begged for a bandaid, and when she demanded that I bring her sunglasses to her, and when she asked me to get rid of the mosquitoes.   Overall, it was really fun to watch.

Also, please notice that her “Lamby” came along for the lesson and even learned to kick the ball himself. :)


IMG 8214

IMG 8199


IMG 8206


IMG 8209

IMG 8239


IMG 8232

IMG 8221

IMG 8218


IMG 8213

IMG 8200

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