South Oaks 30th Anniversary Sunday

This Sunday we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of South Oaks Baptist Church, in Arlington, TX, where Robin’s Dad has been the Pastor for almost 20 years!  It was a beautiful service and we loved getting to go to church with the entire family.  Robin’s brother, Craig, preached as a guest preacher and it was so fun to hear him.  Every time we hear him preach we are in awe of the gift God has given him.  He gave a wonderful sermon on being “Christ’s Ambassadors” and the message really challenged me. 

Here are a few pictures from the morning.  Foster was still feeling pretty crummy so he was held by either Mommy or Daddy the entire morning.

Can you tell that Foster doesn’t feel very good?IMG_7713

What’s this? Foster got a spark of happiness!  Yippee!IMG_7716

Mommy and FosterIMG_7718edit

Pastor Craig, Jason, and Robin: The Three Stooges from the good ‘ol daysIMG_7720

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