Woodward Park Pictures

We have started a new tradition called “Family Night” at the Curry house.  On Tuesday nights, we turn off all technology (TV, phones, computers, etc.) and just spend time together.  Normally, we spend time just hanging out in one of the kids’ rooms, wrestling and being silly.  After Foster goes to bed we play board games with Emma.  Then after she goes to bed Robin and I play card games (and I usually beat him really bad!)  It has been so fun.  It’s really amazing how “attached” to our technology we have become and I’ve found it to be so refreshing to take a break one night a week.

This Tuesday night we decided fairly last-minute to go to Woodward Park to check out the tulips and take some pictures.  I asked my Aunt Judy if she could meet us there to take some pictures of all 4 of us and she did.  She did such a great job taking pictures of our family and we had a great time with her at the park.  After pictures we headed to the swings for a while and then we went to Cherry Berry for some yogurt.  It was a beautiful night- one that I want to remember forever.

Here are the pictures from the night: Emma: 4 years, 4 months and Foster: almost 17 months.

IMG 8271  Version 2 10


IMG 8301  Version 2 23


IMG 8424  Version 2 90


IMG 8277  Version 2 13

IMG 8439  Version 2 105



IMG 8445  Version 2 108


IMG 8490  Version 3 142

IMG 8475  Version 2 134

IMG 8474  Version 2 132

IMG 8460  Version 2 117

IMG 8459  Version 2 115


This picture cracks me up… We brought along some marshmallows to bribe Foster with for pics- here are Daddy and Emma trying to get Foster to walk to them!

IMG 8427  Version 2 94

IMG 8364  Version 2 56


IMG 8410  Version 2 80

IMG 8379  Version 2 67


IMG 8506 157

IMG 8559  Version 2 203


IMG 8562  Version 2 206


IMG 8587  Version 2 230

IMG 8588  Version 2 232



IMG 8350  Version 2 46


IMG 8320  Version 2 34

IMG 8310  Version 2 29



IMG 8541  Version 2 186


IMG 8373  Version 2 60

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