Choir Performance

Wednesday, May 4th was a busy day for Miss Emma- she had TWO performances in ONE day!  The day started with the Mother’s Day Tea and ended with her choir performance at church.  I have loved helping with the 3 year old (most of them are now 4 years old) choir this year- the kids are just so sweet… and funny!

Here are Mackenzie and Emma- Emma just adores Mackenzie and it has been really fun to watch their friendship blossom this year.  Mackenzie’s mom, Candace, also taught choir this year and it was really fun to get to know her better too!  Sometimes we were both so worn out after corralling the group of Preschoolers but we survived the year and it was so worth it!

IMG 9513  1


Another one of Emma’s good friends, Karter, and Emma.  Karter and Emma went to school this year together too.  Here they are playing with helicopters!

IMG 9516  1


Emma’s BFF, Aubrey- she loves talking on this toy phone in our choir room!

IMG 9521  1


IMG 9526


Here is the entire group: Mackenzie, Karter, Addison, Abby, Emma, Natalie, Kinley, Aubrey, Bo, and Walker.  They are such a good group- Robin and I are so pleased that Emma has such sweet friends at church to grow up with!

IMG 9541  1


The kids did so great!  They sang three songs: “Jesus Loves the Little Ones LIke Me Me Me,” “God Wants Me To Pray To Him,” and “Listen to Your Mother, Listen to Your Father”

It is really difficult to get good pictures inside of our chapel and I literally threw the camera at Robin as we walked in… so here is what we got during the performance.

Here is Pastor Ted talking to the kiddos while we got all set up and in place.  I think one of the kids was telling the Pastor about his Spider Man bicycle here!

IMG 9555

IMG 9552  1

IMG 9565  1


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